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Great shirts

Shirts fit perfect and love the collar.

My Personal Feedback

Alright everyone,I got curious and decided to purchase a goTIELESS shirt to see if the hype was real because I was a bit skeptical about the idea myself. 👀

I was happy to see that the website was easy to navigate and very straightforward. I purchased a size Small black dress shirt. I was in need of a black dress shirt and thought this would be the perfect time to get one. The shirt arrived quickly and I was happy to see that it fit very well. Slim in the body while not being too tight and also sleeve length was perfect for me. The material was comfortable and breathable, while having a little stretch, which is predominantly what I look for in dress shirt.

All in all, I’ve worn the shirt a handful of times this past week. It works really well under a suit and the collar is comfortable around the neck even when it’s tied with a tie. It also is a great casual shirt to wear with denim and a layered piece. I really do enjoy the fact that the placket doesn’t fall down or get frumpy looking. It’s one of the main reasons I go for the shirt while deciding what to wear!

Just wanted to give my two cents about a brand I’ve been seeing a lot about!

Ultimate Dress Shirt

I couldn’t be more pleased with my new shirts.

Fantastic product. Super fast shipping for expedited. Next day delivery.


Paid expedited shipping and received next day. Also- shirt most comfy and best fitting I’ve purchased.

Tailored Perfection

Without a doubt the best dress shirt I've ever worn!

Best Dress Shirts

I’ve owned MANY different dress shirts and these are easily the best quality. They are softer and feel better on than almost any brand I have worn. They also have a slimmer fit to them so that I don’t have a bunch of fabric hanging all around my mid section and elsewhere. And the best part, it is designed to wear without a tie and your collar will stay perfect with no sagging or bunching up. Gives the look of high class and well dressed, effortlessly. Buy one in every color, you won’t be disappointed.

Awesome shirt!

Shirts fits well. Styling!! Now I need to buy a black one! Thank again for a great product! Showing off to my friends at the next engagement.

Best Color Yet

Love this new pattern, and I already wear it too often.

Great shirt

I actually really liked the shirt! Ironically enough, the collar is a nice shape to go along with a tie and I’ve worn this with one! Lol. The fabric is great. Feels really soft, has some stretch, breathable, etc. only thing I didn’t quite like was that the cuffs are a bit too wide. I’ve never had to tighten the cuffs on my shirts until this one. It’s a slim fit and still my wrists looked tiny because the cuffs were so wide.
But these people have awesome customer service, I got a small handwritten note, no questions asked returns, shipped promptly, replied to my emails promptly, etc. I will definitely recommend you guys.

Love the shirts!

Awesome shirts and awesome customer service. Easy shirts to care for too. Looking forward to my styles/designs. A++

Fantastic shirt!!

I’ve explored many shirts over the last year and a half, looking for the best slim fit in a no iron style. The shirts absolutely fit the bill! The bamboo fabric is extremely soft and barely holds a wrinkle. These will be my go to shirts for the foreseeable future!

goTIELESS Ultimate Dress Shirt (Light Blue)

Great shirts

Great quality fits great

goTIELESS - The Ultimate Dress Shirt
My Favorite Shirt

I wear them all the time, in all situations.

This shirt has nice features about it. In addition to the collar shaping, the material for the shirt also makes this shirt look good, and everything about this shirt feels and looks like it was made with attention to quality. The sizing online came and seems like the right fit. I’m usually a medium or medium slim and this shirt is the right fit. Im pleased with the purchase, as their offerings of shirts

Metal Collar Stays
David Barak
The best pieces of long metal I've ever owned!

These long pieces of metal are better than I could have ever wished for! Not only are the longer than they are wide and thick (amazing on its own), but get this - they act like long pieces of metal better than any other long piece of metal I've owned. In a word WOW!

goTIELESS - The Ultimate Dress Shirt
David Arnold
Don’t choke on it

Don’t let the price keep you from trying these awesome shirts out! With free returns you’ve got nothing to lose but I promise you’ll never want a different shirt! Side note: the more you buy the more you save.

Rob in customer service reached out to me after I placed my order to make sure of exactly what I was looking for. I’m sure he’ll do the same for you. Great product and customer service!

goTIELESS - The Ultimate Dress Shirt
Taylor Howard
Very sharp million dollar collar

I wore my gotieless shirt for the first time the other day with a suit, no tie of course, and it was very sharp. I'm a big fan and highly recommend.

Most satisfied

The Placket Stays are the best thing since sliced bread. Simple but amazing product.

goTIELESS - The Ultimate Dress Shirt
Kolin Kirschenmann
Blown Away

Absolutely the best dress shirt I've ever owned...Perfect Fit, Perfect Look, Perfect Style, & Perfect Fabric. The second you slip it on, you feel good, look sharp, and grow in personal confidence.


I took these with some of husbands shirts to our local seamstress. Super inexpensive to have seen in and the shirts look awesome!!!

goTIELESS - The Ultimate Dress Shirt
Meg Liles
Best Shirt EVER!

This is hands down the best shirt I have ever bought. I ordered the blue one and love the color. It looks so fresh and the quality is super nice.

goTIELESS - Trailblazer - V1/V2
MDC Shirt

The Shirt is awesome! Looks and feels great!
The fit was perfect. I received compliments on my shirt the first time out.
Thank you!