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I took these with some of husbands shirts to our local seamstress. Super inexpensive to have seen in and the shirts look awesome!!!

Best Shirt EVER!

This is hands down the best shirt I have ever bought. I ordered the blue one and love the color. It looks so fresh and the quality is super nice.

Ultimate Dress Shirt

Bought the 3 pack and amazing deal. Shirts are comfy and the million dollar collar is awesome!!! Get more colours/styles please

The Best Shirt Ever Made!

The goTIELESS Dress Shirt I just received is amazing! The fit in the slim is a perfect fit for me without tailoring! It has the Million Dollar Collar, is wrinkle free, and is buttery soft! If you are considering purchasing, do not hesitate! goBUYIT, goTELLYOURFRIENDS, and goTIELESS!

Immediate credibility and polish.

Love the fit, love the cut, but we're all here for one thing- the million dollar dollar. Couldn't be happier and the lady was impressed the second I put the shirt on. Great product. Just ordered 3 more.


Absolutely a must purchase. Thanks guys!

New Favorite Shirt!

This is hands down the best shirt I’ve ever owned. The crisp collar keeps it looking good all day long. The fabric feels intuitive to your movement. This is literally the all in one shirt!

Greatest dress shirt ever

I can not recommend these shirts highly enough. They look great, feel great and the collar is indeed perfect. Looking forward to

goTIELESS - The Ultimate Dress Shirt

goTIELESS - Jetsetter - V1
Ely Sepulveda

Tieless Jetsetter - V1

goTIELESS Custom Samples
Michael Grady
Doesn’t fit

The shirt was supposed to be an XL, and it’s marked XL, but it’s probably more like a medium.

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goTIELESS - Jetsetter - V1
Damian Earley

Love it, and it's a great fit. My favorite shirt so far!

goTIELESS - Pioneer - V2
Great shirt with two suggestions

I love these shirts for so many reasons. They're high quality fabric, they have stylish accents, and they do something that no other shirt has done for me - the wear well with an open collar for a long time! I only have two suggestions: first, consider offering multiple colors in each type of shirt. I prefer the top button and rigidity of the Tieless Original. It feels more sturdy and durable, and buttoning the top button while hanging helps keep everything tight. Also, it would be great to have a no-iron fabric, if possible.

I used to buy only Brooks Brothers shirts, but goTieless has now become my dress shirt of choice. I won't buy anything else.

It’s nice

Nice shirts, I’m not sure i would pay $100 for them, maybe 59.99 at the most.

goTIELESS Custom Samples
Andrew Vebber

Tieless Original

goTIELESS - Trailblazer - V1/V2
robert hampton


goTIELESS - Jetsetter - V1
German Hostios
Poor quality

Very poor quality material

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Kelly mitcham

I love them

goTIELESS - Jetsetter - V1
Michael Nicklas
Great fit

Outstanding tie less option that I wear at every important meeting !!

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goTIELESS - Trailblazer - V1/V2
Stanley silber
Amazing shirt

Wonderful craftsmanship material. Best shirt I’ve ever owned

goTIELESS - Pioneer - V2
Tim K
High Quality Shirt

Had a minor sizing issue. Customer service resolved it quickly. Good fit. Well made shirt.

goTIELESS - Pioneer - V2
Tim K
Nice shirt. Doesnt fit

Im tall and slim and the large shirt seems wide the mediums sleeves would be too short i think. Nice shirt but i feel im in between your sizes

Hi Timothy,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

We are happy to send you the medium slim to try or take your shirt back, we never want you to feel you are stuck with a purchase you aren't totally happy with. Please let me know if you would like to explore either of these options.

goTIELESS - Pioneer - V2
anthony carbone
The service at goTieless is Priceless

I had to return a shirt for size. I contacted the company. They sent me a label to return the shirt and credited my account. You couldn't ask for better service.