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  • Cuff Adapters

    Size Guide

    Cufflinks adapters are clear, silicone tabs that enable cufflinks to be worn with ANY dress or button-down shirt

    Made in the USA these Cufflink Adapters come in a pack of 10 (5 pairs)

    Cufflinks adapters are invisible when worn and can be used to wear cufflinks with ANY dress shirt, button-down shirt, button-up dress shirt or other non-French Cuff Cuff dress shirts

    Improve the versatility and style of your wardrobe by accessorizing ANY button-down shirt with this Cufflink Hack, perfect for wearing silver Tiffany men's Custom Cufflinks personalized with all your dress shirts and not just French Cuff Dress Shirts

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Jaime Chavez
    Nice addition to my accessories

    I have always used French cuffs until the Pandemic sent us all home…In 4 years my wardrobe has change substantially and the majority of my shirts don’t have French cuffs, hence the cufflinks have been accumulating dust. Now!! I can use them back!! A little tricky to set them up , but it works great. Good job guys!!!

    Stephen Castles
    Great customer service!

    Small issue with my order, handled quickly and professionally and replaced within two days. Can’t ask for anything anymore!

    Haroon Ali
    The Best Product Every Shirt Deserves

    I personally am a huge fan of The Million Dollar Collar. I get my tailor to install them in my placards and they honestly make a huge difference to my shirts. They just look so much better and make me feel confident. I would now actually feel uncomfortable wearing a shirt without this product installed. I consider it an investment into my personal appearance. Thanks guys.

    Hanying Gao

    Cuff Adapters - Wear Cuff Links with ANY Dress Shirt

    Michael D.
    A must for men that like cuff-links

    I can see why they sold out! After using them for the first time, I decided I would buy more immediately! Great gift for someone on your list that loves cuff-links. Will definitely buy more as soon as they are available again!