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  • March 09, 2024 2 min read

    Business Casual, Upgraded
    In a significant breakthrough for menswear, goTIELESS has unveiled its innovative Million Dollar Collar, a groundbreaking enhancement to the classic dress shirt. Addressing the long-standing issue of collar collapse, the patented placket stay technology ensures shirts retain a crisp, structured appearance without necessitating a tie. In doing so, goTIELESS is challenging traditional sartorial norms and reshaping the landscape of professional and casual attire.

    Born out of a desire to bridge the gap between formal and casual wear, goTIELESS has seamlessly integrated comfort and elegance in its Ultimate Dress Shirt. This flagship product, the result of conscientious design and quality craft, affirms the brand's commitment to individuality and personal style. Founded in 2019 by a small team committed to this ethos, goTIELESS has become a notable player within the retail apparel and fashion industry.

    The brand’s pivot towards a tie-less aesthetic not only mirrors the changing currents in contemporary fashion but also encourages a movement of expression beyond conventional fashion boundaries. goTIELESS champions the ideology that wearing a dress shirt can represent an individual’s journey and growth, rather than merely conforming to established dress codes.

    Through strategic foresight, goTIELESS caters to the modern man’s wardrobe, a reflection of the nuanced blend of audacity and discernment. With a spectrum of colors and the unique Million Dollar Collar technology, each shirt stands as a testament to the wearer's confidence and sense of identity. This redefinition of the dress shirt has propelled the company to the forefront of modern menswear innovation.

    The ethos of goTIELESS goes beyond mere aesthetic appeal, extending into a call for authenticity and self-representation. The company's ambassador program and customer-centric initiatives, including options for custom logo shirts and wholesale partnerships, manifest its dedication to fostering a community that values thoughtful apparel choices as an integral part of lifestyle and personal branding. This engagement is further augmented by a user-friendly online platform that ensures convenient access to the brand’s offerings.

    For those ready to embrace the artful blend of comfort and style, and make a bold statement with their professional wardrobe, goTIELESS invites you to experience the next level of dress shirt refinement at

    About goTIELESS: goTIELESS is a vanguard in the menswear industry, offering dress shirts equipped with patented Million Dollar Collar technology for a sharp, tieless look. Since its establishment in 2019, the brand has been empowering men to redefine professional and casual style. For more information, visit